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North West Field Target Association

This Web Site was set up in response to a commitment to encourage new FT shooters in the  North West - (By the NWFTA committee).

The North West Field Target Association is a collection of air rifle clubs who are affiliated to the NWFTA which is a member of the BFTA (The British Field Target Association); Members shoot in the North West league competitions and also regional, British and World competitions.  

We shoot Target Air Rifles which are below 12 ft lbs the legal limit in the UK.     

If you would like to know more about our sport click on the pages to the left, I am sure you will find them interesting, or you are thinking of joining a club check out the local clubs in your area check out the club section.

If you shoot FT and have a useful article or some tips or experiences you would like to share drop me a line and we will include selected articles and photographs on the web site using the email address below.

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Welcome to the  NWFTA - Web Site

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LINKs Page’s have been added with lots of useful Airgun Links

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A Safety Guide Tab has been added. 23-08-11

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We have a Committee update for 2017 check out the committee tab

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(Note : Some Logos and pictures have been used in good faith to  promote our sport from respected  air rifle companies)