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North West Field Target Association

Stockport Summer GP1 4th April 2010

This was the opening shoot for the North West shooters, It was fairly well attended, some of our usual shooters where at the HFT world competition at Kelmarsh.

The day started off quite well as we travelled to Stockport, which is about a 40 minute, run from Warrington.

As we arrived the course was being set, my set up is still not perfect at the moment, the usual hard core, were all in attendance.

We where shooting in the lower open field, the biggest problem of the Day was the WIND this was very strong, It was gusting from right to left then left to right, also straight, at the shooter this was complimented by hale stone and some heavy rain showers, This was very challenging for most, but its all good experience I think??

I shot round with the very experienced Dave Scofield who got a very respectable score. He has always got a few jokes to tell, which made for a good day.

When we had finished the course we had arranged to stay back for a shoot out to decide the AA 2nd & 3rd positions from the Winter Season.

What a good show it was there were freestyle shots, kneelers and stander, followed by a knock out set of shoots. The combatants where Dave & Chris Hill and Dave Scofiled, and in the wind a lot of nerve and good shooting was required.

The Final positions are as follows:-

Dave Scofield , won to take 2nd over all Dave Hill came second to take the 3rd over all position.
Followed closely in third Chris Hill,

On the whole it was a tough shoot with a little bit of excitement at the end with the chaps doing the shoot out , the Golden bunny prize was won by Bob Oneil.

CK 04/04/2010.