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Grand Prix at Stockport

Stockport GP6

The start of the Winter Season was at Stockport, it was a great day!  As usual it was great to see old friends and have a relaxing day shooting Field Target.  

Highly recommend anyone in the area having an interest should look up the Stockport club at Goyt valley near Manchester.  They put on a great competition,   Thanks to everyone involved in coordinating and setting up the match.  

Report. (Including the West Pennine Handicap)

Tawd Vale GP7

Well what a good day it was today, the course was excellent, well-done Orange team.

The weather was superb, sunny dry, when we set out there was frost on the car, so it was nice, to see the sunshine the first warm day this year.

It was nice seeing Bernard Simpson, showing us all how it’s done! Winning a nice first prize a Crystal Decanter.

A big thanks to Steve and the usual crew, helping to make the day, there was also the special film crew providing a running commentary as the event un-furled. Duncan and Geoff, doing the Alan Wicker impression.

The course was quite challenging with some tricky shots, the standers must have been at the maximum distance very tricky. A well thought out course, well done Marty and co. Steve also provided some special prizes on the day, which kept Duncan busy at the 10m-side shoot.

There were a couple of shooters form Yorkshire today, I am sure they enjoyed the day one winning another prize donated by Steve. One of these days we may win something; Ha ha.

It’s the last of the winter shoots next at Rivington, we are looking forward to this one also.

GP8 Rivington 12th April

What a Smashing Day at Rivi ( Well done the Rivi Lads for Smashing course).

We set out there was frost on the car, we put all the guns in and off we went, arrived at about 9.30. However, the weather was fantastic during the morning the sun was shinning from when we arrived till when we left at 2.00pm.

The plinking range was very good and newly painted target points at set distances, which is a good Idea.

There were most of the usual suspects there, which as usual made the day. The course was well marked out; the targets were very brightly painted and well numbered which was very welcome as it is nice to see the targets clearly.

The only stoppage was caused by a sheep wandering onto the course: It was quickly chased away by the marshals “who the sheep”; seemed to know, ha ha!!

Well done the Rivi Chaps.