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· Firstly Join a Local Club affiliated to the NWFTA (See Local Club Section)

· Do not just buy a rifle and turn up expecting to shoot! (This will have to be arranged later) Ring one of the local club contacts and ask to be invited to a club day, this is usually an informal practice day and if available you will probably be able to shoot one of the club guns, if you have any questions (Ask).

· You are normally on a probation period of four weeks, to see if you like the club and the club likes you. Over this period remember safety is the most important thing to learn.

· Explain that you would like to do Field Target competition shooting and members will advise on the type of rifle and a range finding target scope you will need for the sport.

· Please note we only shoot at targets we do not shoot at any animals, birds or any wildlife.


· Once you have become a member of a club, you will need to purchase shooting equipment, once again take advice from local club members, there is normally a bargain to be had from a club member.

· The Type of rifle you will need:  A good starter rifle would be an S400 or a Pro Target for an adult and an S200 for a youngster all in 0.177 not 0.22. Ask at your local club why?

· You will also need a good range finding scope, once again ask at your club for information on which one’s are suitable for FT.  

· Try to attend club days as often as you can.

· Practice at you local club shooting knockdown targets at ranges from 8 yards to 55 yards


· You need to be a member of a Club affiliated to the NWFTA which is a member region of the BFTA, you can apply for a BFTA shooting card number that is unique to you. This entitles you to shoot at National Grand Prix’s (GP’s).

· There are different grades in Field Target shooting; the grading system ensures you are shooting against people with similar shooting ability. The grades are listed below:

        C Grade (Starter Grade)      B Grade     A Grade   AA Grade


· What happens at a local NWFTA Grand Prix (GP).  (Also See The Field Target Shooting Section)

· Once you have been registered at a club you can enter club and local competition, these are quite informal but have strict safety codes, as you would expect.

· Find out from the calendar when and where the next local GP is it is better to arrive 30 min before the shoot, which normally takes place on a Sunday morning at 10.00 am.

· Booking in a fee is charged of £5.00 to enter the competition you name is taken and you are handed a scorecard.

· Safety Brief: A local safety brief is announced 10 - 15 min before the competition starts making people aware of general safety and local safety issues for this shoot.

· The club officials select a shooting partner and you are assigned a lane to start on.


· Shooting in pairs marking each others score on the cards ( X ) for a hit and ( 0 ) for a miss. There are normally 40 targets to shoot at a North West comp.

· On completion of the shoot your partner tots up your score and signs your card you do the same for them.

· The cards are handed in and your score will normally be available on the NWFTA site or Tawd Vale website later that evening.

· After 7 or 8 shoots your position in your grade is known and if you scored well during the season you could be in the top 3 and win a 1st   2nd or 3rd Trophy normally given out at next season’s first shoot is a trophy presentation.

      · If you shot very well during the season you may go up into a more suitable grade for the next season.

         Have a go ! And Have Fun !

        By C. Knapper

Give it a go! Its good sporting fun!