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The Rifle a ( PCP Air Rifle)

Here is a picture on the left of a Typical Field target rifle.

For Field target shooting we use air rifles which are less than 12 ft lbs. And usually of a 0.177 calibre. This calibre is used because it has the flattest trajectory over the longest range we shoot which is 55 yards.

The Scope’s we use

Field Target shooting we use a powerful rifle scope to range find the target. This means you can use a calibrated range wheel on the scope to determine distances, once the distance is accurately estimated the pellet drop at that distance can be dialied in on the top scope turret which will give the shooter the correct point of aim.  

Air Rifle Pellets

Match diabolo pellets are used for Field Target Shooting and other shooting disciplines. These 4.5 mm (.177 in) caliber pellets have what is known as  round heads, meaning the front is (rounded )  

Match pellets are offered in tins, and more elaborate packaging's that avoid deformation and other damage that could impair their uniformity.

Bean Bag Seat

Tough, water resistant outer cover protects against moisture and dirt. Filled with polystyrene beads the bean bag seat provides you with armchair comfort in the field.

Tough and lightweight it is the ideal choice for Field Target shooters.


The Scope Mount you choose is important and especially the height above the rifle barrel.

Mounts are available in many different sizes and generally the bigger the objective lens the higher the mount required.

There are many available some with adjustment.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sa7ODrtW MY

Video link

Field Target Shooting Position Video link to You Tube