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Rob Oneil the BFTA Champion 2011

A Shooters view of a Target at Byley

Byley National GP 12th July 2009

Byley was a good GP round “so I was told”, which as usual had some interesting target locations across water and in tree’s on fence posts which made the day very interesting, complemented with a tricky wind only the experienced shooters found ways to achieve good scores.

There were two sessions the morning session Ian Taylor and Steve Mason had the best scores dropping only 5 scores.

The Byley course setters did a superb job all who attended liked the course.

Full details of the scores were reported on the BFTA website.

C Knapper (As Reported)

GP 5 Tawd Vale

Well what a lovely day it was, I hope everyone enjoyed it, a big thanks to Steve Hughes and the Tawd Vale lads for standing in at short notice putting on a super shoot, which was very challenging. The course setters did them proud.   

There was also a nice BBQ, which was appreciated by all concerned. There was very little wind. But the course setters seemed to have got the course right as due to the light and dark area’s.

I shot round with Sam Bar, which was very enjoyable, Sam shot very well, I had not shot in competition since May 09 and it showed.  

There was also a Springer side shoot, which was well attended. I have put a few pictures from the event   

Report by CK-13-09-09